Total: 1280 km/800 miles
First day: 760 km/470 miles -
after the ferry: 430 km/270 miles left

Friday evening, time has changed, the sun is still out and I'm happy.

Driving on the right side is strange at first, but after all these years I get used to it quickly. Happily I'm singing into my helmet as I drive though the north of France and into Belgium towards the Netherlands. My excited jumps on the bike and flips with my head must have looked amazing - I didn't care, it was fun.

I drove and I kept driving. Then I had to get petrol, so I could have a break, sit down in the sinking sunlight and eat some bread and my biscuits. Off to the motorway again.

Suddenly, not far from the next major city - close to Germany - my motor kind of buzzed, got much louder and my speed dropped abruptly. Shock. I went to the side and stopped the engine, swearing inside. It was dark by now.

I called for help and then I phoned my friends, who were expecting me soon. They said I should have it checked, but it's likely to be a faulty spark plug. The mechanic said the same, but he couldn't fix it.

So I had to drive another 130 km / 80 miles with only 80 km/h 50 m/h. I really was afraid. The mechanic warned me to do it, but my friend said it will be ok. Two traffic jams, a couple of red traffic lights and a few engine break-downs later and I was at my stopover for the weekend.

See tomorrow what happened with my bike and how I got home.

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  1. Laura said...
    OhDearOhDear. Yake care tomorrow Nahno - but have a great weekend!
    There's an award for you over at Daily Dodo

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