Total: 1280 km/800 miles
Second day: 520 km/330 miles

Monday morning, and I'm off again towards Berlin.

What happened with my bike?
Well, we went to a car repair shop and they managed to get the broken spark plug out of my engine and in a different shop we were lucky to get a new spark plug. Put it back in and happy me, when the motor sounded like I knew it. Once I drove off from the repair shop, I had such a big grin you wouldn't believe it. And a rush of light air wallowed up in my chest as well.

The weekend I spend with my friends, having BBQ, experiencing the amazing Ruhr, a metropolitan area in West Germany full of a mining history and fantastic new developments with superb green environments. Awesome how you can turn dirt into a beautiful tourist attraction. Then I went golfing and mostly relaxed before the last part of the trip.

Monday was fast. High velocity, to get the oil from the broken spark plug out of the engine. It was fun to drive on the German autobahn, as fast as I could, with 100 m/h or 160 km/h through the country. 6 hours later I arrived in Berlin without any complications. It's worth a ride, trust me. You see a lot on a bike and it's fun up the mountains and down again, even though yuo have flies sticking all over your visor.


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