Now it was time for me to drive back to Berlin - from England.
Total: 1280 km/800 miles

First day: 760 km/470 miles

Friday morning, everything's packed and I'm ready to leave England for the summer. No, I wasn't ready, but I did.

I drove down M1, all the way to London. Lucky me, the sun was out, it was warm and I was boiling under my 4 layers of clothes despite the wind that hit me with 120 km/h or 75 m/h. I loved riding my motorbike, especially with my new headphones and the awesome playlist I assembled the day before.

There was only one issue on the first journey to the ferry: English roundabouts. I drove 260 km/160 miles without a break. It surprised me to get that far. My bike was running on the last drops of fuel and to Dover it was another 20 miles, so I had to get of the motorway and find a petrol station. I'd read about a shopping centre, but finding it? I took three different roundabout exits before I hit the one with the petrol station. And don't think you'll find another petrol station in England. No. They only have one.

I had my break and made it to the ferry just in time. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the rest of that day which ended with me being all alone in the dark at the side of a Belgium motorway.

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  1. Apfel said...
    Roundabouts can be really confusing. We have some in New Delhi inspired by the British, and they're a royal pain in my behind. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

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