Time has its ways to play its tricks on you. The last moment you remember you’re still sixteen, happy to be able to drive a motorbike, unwilling to accept that others lives are just as hard as yours. Then, suddenly, you wake up and five years are gone, just passed like a dream, all the details fading and only a pale shimmer leaves a trace that it actually happened.

After graduation in college I didn’t know where my way would lead me. I admire those who know, and even more those who thought that I knew, just because I had mentioned a plan once, a plan that I would not follow at all in the end. How do people know where that want to work for half the time of their lives? How do you decide where to be stuck after finishing your studies? Who the hell decided that I have to know?

Man grüßt, man grinst,
man winkt, man spricht,
und dann
lügt sie mich an.

Lass sie rangeln,
mich stört‘s nicht.
Ach deine Laune
wundert mich.

Gestern, wie schön,
da ging alles doch,
heute gibt‘s Streit,
wer erinnert sich noch?

Einigkeit vergeht,
steigt einsam auf,
verfliegt in Dunst und Wolkenstaub,
verweht in alle Länder.

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