The lucky elephant stumbled across the threshold and toppled onto his nose.

What does that mean? Where is the sense? Is there any coherence at all?

Most likely not.

Confusion, to a degree, is one of my great pleasures. I love creative writing, pretty obvious when looking at my blog. It's pure fun to play with words, to argue about the exact meaning of language, about the precise detail that a combination of words entails. The fascination of language has struck my life and now acts as a 'perpetuum mobile' of creativity and clarity.

As you see, it's not so much my fault. Writing is how I deal with things, how I calm down, how I see the world and use it for my own purposes.

Others find that quite annoying. I say things that don't make sense - for others. For me, there is always a link, a link to the whys and hows.

Enough with the psychology. Analysing myself isn't such a smart idea anyway. I'll leave that to you. My work will be full of me (uh, maybe I shouldn't admit that so publicly).

My background:
I'm German. From Berlin. Lived in Florida. Lived in Leicester, UK. Still live, but don't really know where exactly.
I'm studying creative writing and film studies.
Why film? I'm a series geek. It's as simple as that. Watching TV has pretty much been the only thing that my parents tried to forbid me. Didn't really have much impact after all. I watch about 9 series at the time, from supernatural ones to comedy up to serious drama. It's a pleasure and, sorry I'm saying this, also life. Not reality? I would argue with that. There is so much truth behind everything. I'm glad I can use that realisation for my writing now.

My social life:
This is not the right place to talk about that. Just so you know, this is public. I would never say something that private on here. (PS: It will be hidden in my stories.) [Memo to myself: stop being so damn honest]


  1. Nahno McLein said...
    ME Page is now updated - feel free to trash my self
    Apfel said...
    I loved reading the ME page :) I would not analyze you, but I would love to watch you unfold in the form of your writing coz it is intriguing :)
    Dennis Bradley said...
    I really love reading your blog...I wish you had kept in touch at the lgbt centre...I thought you were a very interesting and exciting person...hope you come back

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