Hi guys,

some of you might have been pondering my latest absence, so let me explain the issue. This blog was my little experimenting corner during my studies in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Over the three years, I learned many things through blogging and shared my experiences as Nahno McLein - the anagram made with my real name.

Last year, I successfully finished my degree and ever since I wanted to move this blog to my new website. Setting up the new blog took quite some time as I was dealing with other career changes. However, there is some good news - the blog is up and running, ready to be read and filled with posts about writing, editing and e-publishing.

Partly through this blog and through my three year course, I realised where I want to set a focus in my life. Film studies were fun, but not what I want from life. Writing will always be a big part, but I decided to specialize in digital publishing, e-learning and other new advances in the writing world. At the same time, I started working in linguistics, deepening the base for my editing and proofreading work. This will also prompt some posts, for sure.

Now, if you are curious and want to see what I am doing these days - follow me to nicolehmann.com

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