Part 12 – the end of the Hero’s Journey

Whatever it is the hero gained or obtained, he brings it back to the starting point. It changed his life forever. Else the whole thing wouldn’t have a meaning after all.
Whether it’s knowledge, an elixir or a new ability, the hero will suddenly manage all the difficulties of his ordinary life as he never would have imagined. In case the hero didn’t get what he was supposed to, he will have to repeat the whole adventure until he does (this is likely an ending for comedic effect).

In Star Wars, the Jedi reappear and the old threat is finally gone with the destruction of the Death Star. E.T. is reunited with his family and takes back something from the world; initially they came to earth to collect plants and seeds. Also, Elliot has grown into a post-puberty state and can accept the absence of his father and even the mother has learned to realize the good things – family, her kids. In the end, Elliot is not the small brother anymore, but somewhat a leader of the gang, the cool kid, even if it’s just for a while. Happy end.
Of course, a good writer has something more to give than just a happy end – don’t get me wrong, for some stories a happy end is the best you can get, but life doesn’t normally end with the ultimate luck. Small doses can sometimes be more effective and if you want realism, maybe then a happy ending could be everything you don’t want.


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