Part 5 of the Hero’s Journey

So we made it out of the Ordinary World, the exposition is over and the adventure begins. The hero has taken a leap of faith.
It is quite easy to define where the actual journey starts. It’s where the ship sets sail, when the train leaves or when someone steps out onto the fortuitous street. We leap over the threshold to the other world.

In E.T. that happens through a less physical, but metaphysical event. Elliot and E.T. start getting to know each other, they enter the house. We can see that a connection between them has been established, through E.T.’s magic, when they both fall asleep in dodgy manner. In Star Wars Luke travels with a spaceship and the empire suddenly becomes real as he enters the new world.

I guess this stage naturally happens when you write a story. I still think it’s helpful to be aware of where it works best – in between the first and the second act.


  1. Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    In my second manuscript, this definitely happens in the second chapter.
    Bish Denham said...
    I my MG it happens at the end of the first chapter.
    Talei said...
    I love this post, and I'm particularly fond of E.T.

    For my current WIP, this moment definitely happens at the end of first chapter.
    Amy Saia said...
    Hmmm, I think I have my hero moment in the second chapter. It seems to be a moment where our MC is now given a reason to care, or finds circumstances where there's no way out—till the end.
    AllMyPosts said...
    Well, it would be cool, if the leap in the faith happens unconsciously.

    I mean, the hero, keeps on getting trained, still has his / her doubts and when the occasion comes, he / she raises to it!!

    What have you gotta say???
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