Part 6 of the Hero’s Journey
Yes, the fighting can begin.

Here the hero meets what you can simply call the challenges of the story. It’s the very things that he will have to fight or in another way cope with to evolve and reach his goal. The character is formed and shown by his reactions to the tests, most often under high pressure and stress.

In a way, this is where we are shown the Special World, where our enemies and our allies are introduced. The typical scene in the bar in the Star Wars series is where Luke learns about the rules in this new world. He has to prove himself in a fight and also finds new friends that will come in handy much later. Elliot needs to hide E.T. from his mother and E.T. explores Elliot’s world, getting drunk, experiencing adulthood and lastly getting sick.
This is often the first time that we see real action, which is why the other stages are much shorter normally. The time in the Special World is where the focus of the story lies. We do wisely to develop it well, because if we got a reader this far, better give him some of what he has been longing for.


  1. Bish Denham said...
    This has been excellent reading!
    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    Yeah, this is a great series!
    Melissa Bradley said...
    Great post and a wonderful series. You have a knack for breaking complex storytelling down for easy understanding.
    Charmaine Clancy said...
    Great series of posts, I love the Hero's Journey :)
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    nutschell said...
    I love how you manage to match the a-z posts with the heroes journey. :P you rock! have a great weekend!
    baygirl32 said...
    what a great series
    Ellie said...
    You know, I'm bookmarking all these posts as a reference for my WIP!

    Ellie Garratt
    Nahno McLein said...
    Wow, I can't believe how much support I get for this series.
    I'm glad it's as much fun for you guys as it is for me.

    Ellie, I feel honoured.

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