Part 4 of the Hero’s Journey

A knight has a stubborn head, covered in an iron helmet. For the Mentor it is hard to get through that, but in many stories an older, wiser parent figure is at hand to guide the initial clumsy steps of the child
The Mentor isn’t always included and he can turn up anywhere in the story, but it’s usually right before the departure to the Special World. As discussed in Part 3, he might help the hero to overcome his last reluctant fear before leaving the Ordinary World.
In Star Wars, it’s Obi-Wan that guides Luke, even gives him his father’s light-saber. In E.T., one hero is at the same time mentor for the other hero: E.T. steps in for Elliot’s absent father and guides him through high school experiences like the first kiss and teaches him about coping with loss.
Honestly, I love the Mentor in stories. It makes you feel safer and the scary truth becomes less frightening. Unfortunately, it is necessary for the Mentor to leave at some point, or the hero will never develop on its own.


  1. Bish Denham said...
    This has been a wonderful series. Even my little MG has a mentor who leaves the hero just as he is about to embark an the most dangerous part of the quest.
    Apfel said...
    I agree! The mentor is a very important part of the story but he has to let the hero be eventually!
    Ellie said...
    I've read some amazing stories with a mentor character. Loved this post!

    Ellie Garratt
    li said...
    This is a great series, Nahno. I've never written anything full length, but you've given me a lot of info to work with!
    AllMyPosts said...
    The best mentors I know are BROM from ERAGON series and Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series!!

    The mentors, make the world look peaceful, help you in realizing your dreams and do a hell lot more!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers

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