So we have the first blogfesters in our midst.

You can still take part until next Wednesday. Write 60 words (if you can in 60 seconds) or write for 60 seconds including something with art. Post them or comment them on my blog.

I will collect 60 entries if we get that many and this will be our personal 60x60 writer's.

Don't forget, you can also win a CSNstores voucher for $20.

More info here.

Nahno ∗ McLein

PS: Thank you for Donna Hole for spreading the word and also thanks to my friend Hanna la Kiw for joining the A-Z challenge in April. Everything is so exciting.


  1. DEZMOND said...
    Donna is such a sweetheart!
    Abby Annis said...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following. :)
    Talli Roland said...
    I'll try to remember to do it next week!
    Madeleine said...
    Just posted mine. It was great fun :O)
    Nahno McLein said...
    Yes, Donna is.

    You're welcome Abby.

    I hope you find the time, Talli.

    Madeleine, great piece.

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