So this is my first blogfest to celebrate the first magical number: the 50th follower.
I went to a 60x60 concert this week, which gave me the idea of this challenge. 60 composers each had 60 seconds to bring give a statement through music. Interesting, but hard on the ears and strenuous on the mind. All the acoustic and sonic beats. The presenter said this has traveled from music to video to drama and others.
So why don't we writers do it, too.

First, I thought we could each write 60 words in 60 seconds. Tried it, never had more than 47, though. So this is the new blogfest challenge:

To take part, you have to:
1. be a follower. (obvious one)
2. write a piece of 60 words that contains art in any form.

3. Check for I'm, don't, It's - they count as two words.
4. post it on your blog or comment it here (don't forget link to post)
5. When: Sunday 6th - Wednesday 16th of March
6. spread the word if you can (extra points)
The winner of the CSN voucher will be announced on the 20th.

If we can get 60 pieces together, I will post the best ones as our own 60x60 collection.
If anyone manages to write decent 60 words in 60 seconds, this will be honoured of course.

And now to the prize:
CSN Stores has amazing online stores, where you can find everything from great cookware to beautiful bedroom furniture to chic lighting pieces! So the winner gets a $20 (£25 or 15€) voucher.
For UK, Germany, USA and Canada.

Have a look at these to decide if you like something:
Nice arty book shelf from CSNstores
So here is my little piece. It's a poem that came out of the second round I tried to write for 60 seconds.

Why people hide art, I don’t know

The secret parts of people’s work
is often reined by an unseen wart
that shrouds all meaning.

I love art, don’t get me wrong,
it’s just so hard to hear the song
in every distinct form.

I vote to consolidate the different parts
in firing warts and rupturing the walls.

Now it's your time, have fun.


  1. Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    I can type fifteen words in sixty seconds. Maybe! Might give it a try. (I do have scheduled posts for the next week though.)
    Jemi Fraser said...
    Interesting idea - I'll return with my attempt... :)
    Donna Hole said...
    I pimped it in a post today and will post my own entry tomorrow. Unless you want to give this idea another week for more people to see and enter . .

    Loved the warts in your own 60 words :)

    Nahno McLein said...
    Okay, after so many people giving me the same advice, I've decided to give it another week. Deadline is the Wednesday the 16th now.
    Thank you Donna, that's really great.
    Raquel Byrnes said...
    Sounds cool. Posted your challenged on my sidebar. Good luck!
    DEZMOND said...
    Nahno, I really didn't know whether you were a girl or a boy, since you do have a neutral style and your name is unusual.
    Now, I know you're a boy ;)
    Can't wait to read what people will write in your blogfest!
    Amy Saia said...
    I'll give it a try!
    Wendy aka Quillfeather said...
    Love your poem. Warts and all :)
    Lynda R Young said...
    Cool idea for a blogfest :)
    J.C. Martin said...
    Cool blogfest! Just saw this, and guess what? Within minutes (but not 60 seconds, sadly) I've got my entry ready! It will be up first thing tomorrow morning!

    P.S. Cool poem! Wish I could do better but mine is...well, lame...:)
    Ellie said...
    Ooo...what a challenge! I'll be giving this one a go and will post my entry on Wednesday.
    Talli Roland said...
    Happy followers! :) This week's a bit manic for me but I'll be watching out for all the other entries!
    Hanna La Kiw said...
    1,2,4,4,5,6,7,8,9, this allowed?
    Nahno McLein said...
    Raquel - like I said, thank you so much.

    Dezmond - I'm glad the bloggosphere has given you some new insight. I hope there will be fun stuff too.

    Amy - enjoy and thanks

    Wendy, Linda - I'm really glad.

    JC - awesome, I'm looking into it.

    Ellie - whoop, so excited.

    Talli - thank you. You can still try it next week.

    Hanna - anything you want, but make it interesting if you can.
    Elizabeth Mueller said...
    Thank you for leaving a comment over at my blog! This blogfest sounds like fun! Very challenging too, considering that I think heavily as I write and edit as I go. Going to be interesting!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥
    ali said...
    I'll be super curious to see who "wins" and does the best with their 60x60. I can't participate this time 'round, but this is such a unique idea. Have fun with it!
    Christopher said...
    I'm definitely down for this. I'm all about brevity in literature. I'm doing Controversy Week on my blog at the moment but I'll be sure to get mine up early next week. Cool idea.
    Arlee Bird said...
    I will try to put something up on Friday.

    On Wednesday March 9 I will have an announcement about 60/60 and I will also be posting my story about the cultural university event that was at my school.

    Tossing It Out
    Nahno McLein said...
    Elizabeth - editing after is allowed, as long as you keep the majority

    Ali - that's fine. Next time.

    Christopher - good, then it's the perfect blogfest for you.

    Arlee - oh thanks, that's great. I'll be interested in your story.
    Summer Ross said...
    Hello there- I'm new to your blog and just found out about your blogfest- it is posted on my blogfests tab now!
    Nahno McLein said...
    Thank you Summer, that is really fantastic. I hope you can give us some 60 words as well.
    Petra said...
    Found this via on Arlee Bird's blog Tossing It Out. I couldn't type 60 words in 60 seconds, so I'm glad you've changed the rules. My little 60 word poem is up, along with a link to your challenge. That was fun. Thanks!
    li said...
    I just posted a piece for this on my blog. It took me 89 seconds, but I dunned myself for going back to rewrite a line. But I see in a comment above that editing after is allowed. So...I guess I did it!
    I've linked to this page as well, although I don't exactly have a plethora of readers. This was a lot of fun! Great idea, Nahno.
    Arlee Bird said...
    My 60/60 piece is on my blog today.

    Tossing It Out
    Laura said...
    Hi there - very excited to have found your blog through - I've just posted about 60/60 and am going to post my entry tomorrow. Loving yours loads!
    Anonymous said...
    Okay- I tried it! It's 60 words, and you can read it in 60 seconds...but I did not complete this in 60 way! However, I can't write this for beans, and I was quite proud of my first attempt ever! Here's my recent post, scroll down and you'll see it on the sidebar(advertising the challenge)

    It's labeled 60 second break...

    Lisa said...
    Here is my contribution to the project. I hope you reach the goal.
    Laura said...
    Here's my entry - finally up... hope it's ok! - was a lot of fun...

    Angela Scott said...
    I'm number 74! Glad I ran into you in this big ol' blogosphere.

    Great blogfest too. I put my entry on my blog and tweeted it:

    ArtsyChaos said...
    Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and challenge and love it! I used to write pages and pages of poetry back in the day. This was fun, thanks. :)

    Here is my blog post:
    Christopher said...
    Just posted mine up
    Apfel said...
    Okay, I am posting mine right here on the comments section. It took me 50 seconds to come up with this and then I corrected it a little, so make that 59-60 :) It's amateurish I know, but hey this is my first attempt at something like this!


    I look up at the deep blue sky,
    covered in mountains till half,
    I look inside the deep dark woods,
    A Cow feeding it's Calf.
    Then I take a drive out by the river,
    What a clear reflection of a bullock cart!
    Admit it, if you need inspiration,
    Nature is the purest form of art.

    56 words
    Nahno McLein said...
    Thank you all for participating already.
    Apfel, I think that is a great attempt and emotiv in the end.

    This really is fun.
    Dorothy Evans said...
    Great idea for a challenge - so gald you abandoned 60 words in 60 minutes. I can probably do about 30 but I can't guarantee they'd make sense!

    My entry is here
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