So, the 60x60 entries are slowly coming in now, but I hope with all you great writers out there, we will have loads more until next week.

Remember, you can write any 60 words (does not have to be in sixty seconds) and you can post or comment them on here. Exactly one week to go and I have read some great ones already.

In the beginning of the week, I had some issues with the newspaper I am writing for. The chief editor is not showing up (only happens in a University newspaper where people don't know what they are signing up for), the sub-editor thus needs to get extra help from volunteers and together they change so much in each section that the individual editors get furious about the tampering.

Writer need to accept different opinions about their work and in business they also have to allow changes to get the best result. I wonder how much is too much?

Where do you set the boundaries? When would you refuse to let someone change your work or is anything fine as long as it sells?


  1. DEZMOND said...
    well, you must not let any editor change the point of your text or change it so that it doesn't fit your moral principles.
    And working in a newspaper at college is always chaotic :) I was a film editor at my college magazine some hundred years ago :) and it was also quite crazy.
    li said...
    I suppose it would always be case by case. I don't mind suggestions, I'm usually willing to listen and perhaps change something, unless I feel that it would dramatically affect the "feel" or the message of the piece. Under certain circumstances, I might even re-write something from a different perspective if asked. But I would never go against my gut instincts and radically change something just so it sells. I'd rather be poor and unknown than published, famous, and ashamed of what I wrote.
    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    I'm always open to suggestions, but I'm not adding anything that goes against my personal values just to sell a book.
    Theresa Milstein said...
    That's a good question. I don't know what the line would be, but there would be lines. It still has to be my story.
    Arlee Bird said...
    I would not want the editing to change the story or my intent in delivering the story, but otherwise if deserved I'm certainly open to suggestion.
    I plan to post my 60/60 on my site this Friday 3/11.

    Tossing It Out
    Nahno McLein said...
    I like how you all said that you're "open to suggestions". This pretty much implies that you don't like people just changing what you wrote.

    As DEZMOND probably knows, in a newspaper you don't get that privilege.

    I think these are great opinions. Like
    Theresa said, it has to be your story.

    Arlee - I'm looking forward to your 60.

    Li and Alex, very good points. I agree.
    Talli Roland said...
    Good question. It's hard when you disagree with the editor. My first reaction is always no, but if I give it time and think about what's really right for the story then I usually come around.
    Donna Hole said...
    Anything that doesn't change the overall premise or conclusion of the novel or short story is welcome as suggestions for me.

    I wouldn't know anything about changes for a newspaper article or essay however. Seems it would be a lot more complicated than creating a work of fiction.

    Madeleine said...
    Sorry to hear about your bike. It's amazing how awful people can be.
    I did a small crime piece for a blogfest here:

    BTW You have an award over at mine. :O)

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