Bönstadt near Frankfurt/Main: All the things come to an end

Rural - plain fields, woods and dull nothingness. The world's end? Pictures here! (don't forget the captions as part of the story.)
NO restaurant is open before 17pm - after starving for 2 hours, food at the Aral petrol station, yummy. Schnitzel with potato salad and cheese-meat with eggs and french fries.

Trip: Germany is awesome. I didn't know. So many hills and driving them up and down is amazing with 160km/h.
Old Knight's Castle - Ronneburg. I almost died, see here.
Sundown dance with Hanna in the fields and stealing sweet-sour apples - result: being chased by two dogs because they can smell bad behaviour, ouch.

I didn't get lost on the way - a first.
I fell asleep on the computer after getting up at 7 and driving from 8 to 12 one-stop.

I lost the head of my tire valve. Stupid me (Memo to myself: should listen more to my dad; "always put small things in your pocket"
I had a stupid fly on my helmet for hours.

The toilett guy stopped me from counting pennies to get 50c. Free toilett use, yeah.
50c off my petrol bill, because I have a membership card that's not valid anymore. Good job, Nahno.
Reunion with Hanna. So missed you, my love. Great house by the way. Excited to have adventures in the coming days with you.

Being so frozen, it took me 4 hours to feel a sense of warmth, despite hot tee, seat heaters in the car (on the way to Ronneburg) and three layers of clothes.
Too much construction work on the Autobahn.
Embarrasing myself when intimate pictures popped up on somebody else's computer after plugging in my phone *blush*.


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