Frankfurt, City Centre: 60 extra kilometres added to 1500

Fun people and bad luck

People go crazy. Funny costumes, happy musicians and humurous scultpures. (See pictures here!)

First sentence I hear: "Let's have a joint, guys."

5 McDonalds on one street - WHY?
There was a burning building - lots of fireman and even TV cameras. What happened? Does anyone know?
How can people stand being in suits all day? (90% of the people in Frankfurt are wearing suits, because every day, 4 million people travel to Frankfurt to work in the city.)
Nice mixture of old and new buildings: City: Like

Got cheap petrol in the morning when my tank was emtpy. Next petrol station: even cheaper, sh**
Sexy policemen in blue overalls next to a row of motorcycles.
Good looking Frankfurter - I met a cute one - the first that caught my eye in the city. And I met him twice during the day, yeah. Didn't talk, though.
Freedom of speech - or sex. Couple on the grass were having something very similar to sex. Fun to watch!

First time being caught by speed cameras ... glad I'm on a bike and you can't see a license plate in the front. Puhh.
Rolex Shop: very unfriendly. Waiting for minutes between manually controlled glass doors. My question: "Do you also have digital ones?" Stupid me. I got a confused look back, no answer. So I left ...
My credit card doesn't work - now I'm getting a new one send to my parents.


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