Leipzig: Compelled to be Comfortable

First sentence I hear: "I won't get a place for therapy - I don't have the time to wait half a year." (he didn't look like he was working, so I doubt he doesn't have time for anything)
So that was an awkward first impression of the city right at the start. Apparently all the people are needy and psychologically disturbed. Great.

The buildings were amazing. Old, and new: a wonderful mix. See here! (Please read captions for more impressions, worthy, believe me.)

Wonder: Except for the waiters, there are no obviously gay people in Leipzig's gay bar.

From psychologists to physiotherapist. I was compelled to feel comfortable  - a treat that Leipzig offers generously.
A nice girl in an orange shirt walks up to the table, leans over and offers a massage. WOW! Lucky me.
And all you have to pay is whatever you feel is appropriate. (Bad deal: she should have gotten five times as much as I could pay her: but poor students on a roadtrip can't do miracles)
Well, she could. One miracle after another. I felt like God on holidays. Everybody was glaring at me, but I didn't care. It was just spektakular. I guess the picture above shows it all.
Thanks again to the "Body Angels", who go around towns and bars, offering massages and earning a little extra cash. This massage truly was one of the best. And good for my trip plans.

Trip details:
200km were hard. Heavy wind and the music wasn't loud enough. Linkin Park couldn't fill my conscious as it uses to. (Need to find new headphones.)
Still, it's fun. I haven't felt as relaxed and free in weeks. It's pure freedom. Frankfurt, I'm coming.


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