We'll start this new University year with a kick-ass walkabout: Roundtrip through Europe

New, special, second year. This blog is back on track and will be updated regularly from now on again. Sommer is over. Back to Uni, that's how it works.
But I don't only want to post regular work. It's about the whole experience. So here's the deal. My summer has turned out so successful that I won't be going back to Leicester by plane. Instead, I am going to take a roundtrip through Europe. One week from Berlin to England. On the way, I will stop in Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main, Brügge, London, and who knows where else. It's gonna be as spontaneous as I like. And I do like spontaneity.

I want to invite everybody to follow this exciting trip. See what happens. Watch through  my eyes. And be excited about whether I'll ever gonna make it. I'm riding my new bike, Yamaha FZ6 Fazer! It's dangerous, it's hard, and most of all, it's a hell lot of fun. Pictures will go online every day and a review about the experience as well. Follow me, if you're interested in cities, histories, adventure and myself (... ;-)

If you want to know how my summer went, keep reading:

I worked on a placement for a German magazine. A series of articles have been published and I experienced the art of journalism. Interviews, reviews, problems in clubs, serial killings - news for everyone. A great experience.
Apart from that I worked as a waiter on various events in Berlin. Last and most famous, the Golden Henne Award. I never knew how much fun it is to serve people. But more interesting was to get an exclusive view from the inside, which I can use for future stories.
As you might have figured: I have a motorcycle license now (my second, after a previous one for 125ccm).
Another success was the publication of a poem in a German antology.
All in all, a highly successful summer and more than I ever hoped for. What's left to look forward to a wonderful second year with fantastic experiences at DeMontfort University in Leicester.


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