Time has its ways to play its tricks on you. The last moment you remember you’re still sixteen, happy to be able to drive a motorbike, unwilling to accept that others lives are just as hard as yours. Then, suddenly, you wake up and five years are gone, just passed like a dream, all the details fading and only a pale shimmer leaves a trace that it actually happened.

After graduation in college I didn’t know where my way would lead me. I admire those who know, and even more those who thought that I knew, just because I had mentioned a plan once, a plan that I would not follow at all in the end. How do people know where that want to work for half the time of their lives? How do you decide where to be stuck after finishing your studies? Who the hell decided that I have to know?

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave that decision open, to find some work somewhere once I’m finished with my studies? As if it was so easy nowadays. From my first year at Uni in England I know that you need more than just a degree. Businesses want to see experience, work placements, extracurricular activities. I guess I shouldn’t have many problems. Uni offers enough to create a whole CV afterwards, so I was part of the student union council, a rowing team, the swimming club, a mentoring project and some more that have started before Uni already. In the second year it is all to easy to become a member in other societies, start working as a committee member or get involved in some other opportunity. I will definitely do so, but how can that help my qualities as a creative writer?

I have plans for the summer to gather some qualifications in that matter. Uni life is busy and doesn’t give you much time to write for other purposes than your courses. At least that is the case when you get involved or work part-time, or if you just take part in your small social life – might be quite useful to know important people, too. Where better to get to know the presidents of tomorrow?

Not everybody might agree, but I have the feeling that I learned a lot from my courses and I can’t stand to think about the long break where I won’t learn as much. If I still could, I would sign up at my Uni in Berlin and study there for a semester, would fit perfectly if I’d thought about it before now. I’m sure there will be a reason why I forgot about that possibility and in the end I will have some other advantage. It will have to show sooner or later.

Everybody was able to follow what work I have done for Uni here on this blog and can make up their own mind whether I improved, learned or showed new knowledge. Right now the flies are bugging me out here at the campground in the heart of Brandenburg, here where the sun struggles hard to come out and heat up the lake. I hope that will happen soon, so we’re finally able to swim and clean ourselves properly.

This shall be it for today, but there will be more from the first year soon, as well as extra work over the summer and surely a brand new make-up once the second year starts. I wish everybody a wonderful, warm and sunny summer.


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