Frankfurt again: 60 extra kilometres

Relaxing today. Chilling so much it hurts to think straight.

Frankfurt subway have wall paintings that look real. See pictures here!
There was an icecream car in the town I'm staying.
You still get ice cream served in Frankfurt's cinemas.
There was a gay comercial in the cinema - promoting the use of condoms

I didn't enjoy the sun outside with a book. Computers are real drugs, beware!
My bike has strange lights popping up. Wonder if this is a serious problem or just something that just happens every once in a while.
Don't know what to look at tomorrow. There's nothing more in Frankfurt.

Forgot to mention yesterday - luck seems to be far from me on this trip.
4 Museums - one in Leipzig, three in Frankfurt - all very interesting, the only ones I wanted to see - the ones that would be interesting for my studies ------------------ all closed right now, reopening in 2011 !!!
Why now? Why all at the same time?


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