I need to be organised, have a focussed idea of what benefits I can get, but also how useful that would be on a day-to-day basis.
That's why I consider my needs first:

1. Use of my old phone (Nokia N96 - I know, old)

  • music player, camera, alarm clock, navigiation (non-internet maps), calling - tried calendar, text message also doesn't really work for me on the system.
2. So these are absolute essential for the new phone
  • play good music
  • have a fantastic camera
  • navigation, maps
  • useable calendar functionality
  • convenient text messaging services (or messengers)
  • enough battery life to do this (N96 lasts for about 3-4 days without charging on daily use)
Now what I additionally want because it's a smartphone:
  1. OS System that I like
  2. Stunning design
  3. Original features
  4. Wi-Fi
  5. fast internet (H+)
  6. Fast system (over 1.2 dual-core)
  7. large display (want to read e-books on it)
  8. good mail services
  9. something special that makes it a bit different from what everyone else has
This shows already that I am not looking for any cheap smartphone - I'm usually behind the best, newest and most successful phone. (The Nokia N96 was at the time.)
I'm also sure that during my evaluation process, I will find some features most appealing even though I won't even use them in the end. Consumerist approach - it sounds good, so it must be good. I'll try to keep a semi-subjective view when considering the options but I know it will be hard.


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