I want a new phone. Now my history with buying technology is a bit like a roller coaster ride. When I was young and I finally convinced my Dad to buy for example a laptop or my first mobile phone, we would just drive into town, go into the first shop and ask someone to give us whatever they think is best.
Bad choice.
90 % of these choices included out of date phones or easily breakable laptops. Nowadays, I spend weeks searching the web, looking at tables, specifics (luckily I know quite a bit about the newest technology) and in the last instance I ask someone in a shop, just to confirm my evaluation.
So this is what I will do in order to decide what phone is best for me:

1. Decide how to narrow down the choices
  • Research objectives
  • What I need
  • What I want
2. See what is out there
  • Compare 3 Options
  • Pro and cons
3. Decide for the best one
  • Tests, Tables and Opinions
4. Buy
  • Prices
  • Options with contract / without contract
  • Shops and their services
  • Delivery options
5. Evaluate the phone experience (can always bring it back)
Hope everyone in the research project (the next 4 weeks) finds the best suitable smartphone for their personal needs.
Nahno xx


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