I don’t like conventions. There’s no excitement.
I enjoyed using the blog entries to disclose Amelie’s inner thoughts as in “Tyler, who was not only really cute, but also gave me this feeling”, instead of just showing and implying it.
By using Facebook with very detailed descriptions such as “a red encircled 1 in the top left corner“ and the unusual display name, “Tyler “Bing” Bening”, I played on the familiarity with the network. I hope this partly ridicules to what extent we know the layout inside out.

Normal written speech is usually artificial and cleaner than reality, which my tutor Deborah explained with “Ahs, Ohs and Yeahs” that sound awkward in writing when used to often. To make the chat scene more immediate, though, I included some spelling mistakes and a lack of punctuation (I keep complaining about that in real life), see for example “Im sure u did fine”. Copying the Facebook chat was a challenge: I couldn’t use pictures, so I switched to names, the Skype layout, and I made the Facebook font smaller and italics for the speech for readability and to differ from the main story.
Do you think it works this way?
The exciting end tomorrow.


  1. Dorothy Evans said...
    I'm not all that familair with FB and I've never even seen skype, so no hope of me getting the "in" jokes! However ... I like your approach - if no one challenges the convention we don't get those breakthrough pieces - and you've chosen a fitting and entirely believable break with convention.
    Nahno McLein said...
    thank you, hopefully you would still like the story, even if you don't get the "in-jokes". After all, it's just description in that case

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