Old music. Do you like to listen to the classics?

YMCA is one of these well-known songs with a silly move. I encounter this kind of music everywhere, in Germany, in England, USA and even Costa Rican guys know these. Who knows if Lady Gaga will one day move up to one of those. Madonna definitely made it - she sang classics that cross decades.

Which songs do you listen to that you're maybe even ashamed of sometimes? The macarena is probably the most ridiculous song that people (mostly with a bit of alcohol) love to dance. At least English people do. We have a night called "Big Bad Cheese" - it took me a year to figure out that it's an ironic title commenting on the cheesy music they play there. The macarena is a weekly special. YMCA not so much, though I'd have loved to do the moves. I'm lucky though, because it's played quite often in Germany.


  1. Raquel Byrnes said...
    I do listen to what I heard growing up with my Beatles loving parents. Was surprised to see during a flashback party that I knew the words to all lot of Doors, CCR, and Johnny Cash songs....huh? Subliminal love of the classics I guess.
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    Shannon Lawrence said...
    The songs I was surprised to know the words to and to enjoy now are by Ace of Base. I used to harass a friend (jokingly, of course) for liking them, yet somehow I picked it all up over the years. Whoops! I made sure to call and tell her so she could make fun of me. Turnabout and all that.
    Arlee Bird said...
    My classics go back a bit further to late 60s early 70s. Can't think of any that I would say I'm ashamed of, but I still do get a kick out of the old disco hits and such and I own some of the disco collections and hits albums--the BeeGees being a big favorite. Also enjoy Abba's music very much. But not one much for dancing or doing special moves.

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    Donna Hole said...
    I don't need alcohol to dance to the Macarana - I'm a fool for good music :)

    I also like John Denver and Barry Manilow. Ah, I 'm not ashamed . .

    My kids found AC/Dc, Metallica and Beastie boys recently, and exclaimed: Mom, you gotta hear this new band!

    When I started singing the words they weren't so interested . .

    Title Loans said...
    Nothing can replace the song made famous by 4 men in Halloween costumes! I would have to say an 90's, terrible pop-band music is my guilty pleasure to sing to. After all, who doesn't want to scream "Quit playing games with my heart?"

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