This poem was inspired by Chandra, an x-ray space telescope, and was published online by NASA, US. For the challenge, I'd like to reuse it. I hope you enjoy it.

Cas A

strangely bright,
outside where there’s no light:
flaming spots whisk an internal fight.

¡Vaya CasA!

When matter
matters more,
out there, where
it’s their fuel and ore,

¡Vaya CasA!

every core
is an assembly fort
of a mysterious world.

¡Ver la CasA

dank Röntgens Strahlen,
which collide with
la sphère d’une glace!

¡Vaya CasA!

A gaseous orb,
a giant house -
the factory’s
on hold.

¡Vaya CasA!

It melts,
consumes the storm
and bursts.

La CasA
-cries unheard-,
renewed, enriched the universe.

Vaya Casa – what a house.
Ver la Casa – See the house
Dank Röntgens Strahlen – thanks to the rays of (Mr.) Röntgen
La sphère d’une glace – the field of a mirror
La Casa – the house/Cassiopeia A

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  1. Car Title Loans said...
    Maybe I'm misinterpreting it (or maybe it's the exclamation marks), but what a fun poem! I think it's such a shame what's happening to NASA because there is so much we have yet to explore!

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