Just a quick note: The A-Z challenge is amazing. I need more time to read more blogs (Cute smile for God!?).
Coincidence and Chance have always been bugging me and this week once again they were either very present or fate has a weird sense of humour.
Do you have these days or weeks, when so many unlikely things happen and you question what is the meaning behind this?

Last week, my fictional Peter-self went to Nottingham for a 2 h event. The sunny and warm spring feeling was still in the air, until he arrived in the city. First, Peter got lost, because there's a lack of visible street names in England. Then it started to rain. Fate? Chance?

Next day, Peter went out, meeting the girl he kind of fancied and had been talking to online for a while. They didn't talk much until alcohol was more at work. In the end, she decided to go for another guy, but not without constantly throwing these looks at Peter.
Now here is the coincidence: Next day, Peter is about to tell his friends about the night while they are in a shop and suddenly he bumps into the girl. They talk, but both are still a bit tired. Then, Peter watches a film and can't remember the name of one figure - online, the girl suddenly tells him she is dressing up for the party of that figure (name riddle solved). Chance? You tell me.


  1. li said...
    No doubt about it - some weird things happen in life. I don't bother to try and figure stuff out anymore. Life seems to be some strange mix of free will and fate, and I'm not sure which comes into play when!
    Melissa Bradley said...
    Weird things do happen all the time. I firmly believe that nothing is really coincidence, that there is a reason for everything, even if that reason is not always so clear at first.
    ali said...
    LOl, I'm with the others! Great post!
    Apfel said...
    I always get that feeling!!! I agree, everything happens for a reason :)
    welcome to my world of poetry said...
    I think to each their own, unless it don't offend people.
    This was an interesting issue and though provoking.

    Thanks for your comment which is greatly appreciated.
    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    Glad you're enjoying the Challenge! I see you're a day ahead now. Monday you can kick back and explore.
    Angela Felsted said...
    That's a scary thought. Maybe I need to do a better job of proofreading my comments before I post them.
    Laura said...
    I love the way that Mr Chance and Mr Destiny gang up on certain individuals on some days. It makes for an interesting life, doesn't it?!

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