Family and friends, yes, you fellow writers and readers:

I want to apologize for giving you such a long wait. I took the time this term to collect new material, so that I can present constant work examples and finished projects next year. This way I hope that the content will improve further and give you even more fun.

My New Year's resolution will be to produce one post each week. This will be published every Sunday, unless I have a striking reason to postpone the deadline. If that's the case, I will write the reason as a comment and you can be part in judging whether my reason was acceptable or not. In case you disagree I will carry the consequences which you can co-decide on. Same goes for not publishing any week.

Now a sneak preview: I will start the Year with great works that have been published nationally and internationally. There will also be an introduction to a few New Media projects that might invade the coming years due to new technological advances.

Be prepared! See you on Sunday the 9th of January.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Very good plans my dear! I am looking forward to it! Have a great christmas and a happy new year! Anni

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