Almost there - really hard at the end

Good - bad, and all in between       See pictures here!

8am, cloudy and foggy, freezing for one hour
9am, sun came out, warming up in seconds, finally
10am, first of a series of small traffic jams, nice downhill rolling

First rest after 260km
Another 250 km in one go to Bruge
Caught by speed cameras
Rain in Bruge :/
No petrol stations in Bruge
Problem getting petrol - managed to get some a few miles ahead (messed up the paying machine and might Have stolen 12 euro now)

Ferry at 4pm
Rain in Dover
Rain stopped the minute I was done putting my rain suit on
Driving left went fine (on the motorway at least)

Lost in London
Driving around for 2 hours
Looking for a hostel all night
Sleeping in St. Pancras Station

Next Morning:
Lost in London again
Trying to find a friends house - wrong direction from my phone - bad phone
Sleeping all day

Impression of London:
Rainy, vast, crowded, awful traffic

Last Trip:
to Leicester, sunny weather forecast


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