Hello my friends,

so this was a long summer for me. How was yours? What did you do? I wonder who travelled the most or the farthest.

Baltic Sea - by Susan Petzold
I didn't get out of Germany, but my bike drove me to some wonderful places inside of the wall. I went to a summercamp where we had Israelis, Icelandic people, French, Finish and Germans of course. Quite a different world with all those nationalities in a camp, believe me - really different.
Oh, and then I went to the Baltic sea and slept on the beach - yes, we had a blanket - yes, it was still freezing - no, we didn't sleep that much. From 4am on, it was more a matter of walking around and getting warm ideas than sleeping. But hey, the day was wonderful - warm, sunny, the beach was amazing and I loved the waves. (For your information: I planned to go to the sea for 4 years and never managed due to various reasons. So this was fantastic.)

So this was the best of my summer experience.
Summer is over

Now back to literature, the arts of writing, the experience of being a writer. All those lovely things that I didn't have to miss over the summer, even though I didn't have time to share it on here.
Yes, I didn't share it on here yet - BUT I will do so in the next couple of weeks. I will tell you about my work experience at a publishers in Germany, how I managed handling difficult illustrators, awesome and helpful Czech printing companies and layouting a whole novel. Not to forget my personal work: my new novel is getting along nicely and I definitely need to get a progress counter on here. Updates and the whole story so far to come in the next few weeks, so be prepared ...

BY THE WAY - nice to be back and have you all back.


  1. J.C. Martin said...
    Welcome back! It sounded like a really eventful summer! You must have learned loads from your work experience! Definitely looking forward to hearing about it!
    Nahno McLein said...
    Thank you.
    Yes, it was eventful, both personally and careerewise.
    Hope yours was good, too.
    Alison Miller said...
    Beautiful picture! And glad you had an enjoyable and productive time away! Looking forward to hearing more of your writing adventures!

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