This can really be a problem.

Expressing anger should be easy, most would say, because you can let everything out. Well, for me it's not.

I struggle to be angry with someone, just because I don't like the feeling, I despise swear words, insults and the like. Of course sometimes, when something really ugly and despicable happens, there is no way you can not be full of hatred and fury. Apparently, I can - staying calm in the least imaginable situation.

So now I want to know how you cope with anger. For my writing I can't just have characters who refuse to be angry. This is why I need real experiences about coping mechanisms. Do you scream, do you throw things? Maybe there is something that I can try for a change. Sometimes I wish I could be like the cheerleading coach in Glee. She is awful, but at least she let's it all out.

I heard writing letters and expressing all the anger there shall help. Maybe I try that, too.

I'm really curious about what you do, even though I don't wish anyone the need to be furious.


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