I told you about that summer work, where I'm in charge of publishing at least two books for a newly started publishers.

So far, we have finished editing the first book. It's a children story, for about 4-8 year olds, about a chocolate cake, who is struggling to shine like the fancy cakes. The illustrations are almost finished after we decided to change the cover. The best part so far was when the print press send us the first copy of how the book will look like. It was all in white, hardcover and felt amazing in our hands.

The second book is still in the editing process, but we employed an illustrator already and are really keen on seeing the first visualisations. It's all very exciting.

This weekend I also met with 13 international people - from Iceland, Finland, Isreal, France and Germany - for a weekend of talks, trainings and planning session. This is for a summer camp we are organising for European teenagers and young adults. As part of the camp, I will give some creative writing lessons and I'm curious about what the mix of cultures will generate creatively.