The next few posts I want to share the process of creating my most recent short story, as it explores the dangers of social media. For those who have read my blog recently, it will be quite obvious that the idea came from my own experience, because I've previously published similar entries as my main character Amelie.

However, it’s a fictional story, for I integrated many aspects that didn’t happen to me. For instance, I didn’t have a stalker, but one of my blogger friends Apfelicious, whose blogger name inspired me for Amelie’s online identity, had one and was forced to change her URL. Initially, I just wanted to write a girl-meets-boy story and grabbed the plot from my recent encounter that was quite magical due to strange coincidences. My tutor Deborah said to us that using real events can help to start off and I proved that to myself with my last piece in Writing Place. It was immediate due to its real place and happenings.

Multiple reasons triggered the stalker-media design, one I mentioned already. In our module Writing Context, we explored New Media this year and I wanted to combine this knowledge with a normal short story. Then our tutors keep telling us how important using social media as a writer can be, especially as part of our careers week, but they miss lecturing us in detail about the risks involved. A visiting professional writer told us last year that she finds ideas by asking herself “What if?”. In this short story, I wondered what if I unwillingly invite a stalker with my blog? Tomorrow I will tell you more about the writing process.


  1. li said...
    Great subject. I was going to write and publish a story about something which occurred on a site - not a stalking, but something equally appalling. I chose not to write it because, very simply, I'm wary of attracting the attention of some of the people involved. I've learned to keep everyone at arm's length, and it's garnered me some unpleasantness for being "anti-social", "stuck-up", etc. Oh well. (And it was a shame about Apfel.)
    Talei said...
    I love hearing about the inspiration behind a story. Social media certainly has its pros and cons, I think it would make a good story. Hopefully, you won't have a stalker as a result though.

    Also, congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge, one of the other reasons I popped over, - I have an award for you at my blog, please do drop by. ;-))
    Donna Hole said...
    Real life is inspirational, and as a fiction writer, I get my best ideas by taking a real life situation and consistently asking the "what if" question. Soon, the scene barely looks like the original, and only the concept remains. Something new and uniquely the author's vision.

    I'm sure the story will be interesting. I look forward to watching it develop.

    Dorothy Evans said...
    Great premise for a story and I'm looking forward to your posts on how it developed.

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