Part 9 of the Hero’s Journey
Finally the hero gets something.

The task is accomplished and the hero can take the treasure he has been looking for. Sometimes it’s only knowledge that the main character gains or he realizes his own potential at last. Often it is something the hero needs for the Ordinary World to heal someone or beat an enemy. And other times he just gets the girl, even though the story is not yet finished.

Luke’s prize is that he knows his father is not as bad as he thought and they escape with the plans of the Death Star. Elliot in E.T. finds out that the machine to call home is still working, so they know that the mother ship is coming to pick E.T. up.
This is essentially what we’ve all been waiting for, were we start gaining something in unison with the characters. I love this bit, even though it’s not yet over. Unfortunately many films and stories make this part too obvious and you know that all the following challenges are easy to overcome.


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