I am very excited about the Oscars tonight. For the last two weeks I have watched about every major nominated film, which was quite a task to be honest. There wasn't one that I didn't like, but I have to say some necessitate strong stamina. Such a load of human reality can bury the emotionally fittest of us.

So here are my predictions:

Best Picture: "The King's Speech” although I would give it to Inception

Leading Actor:
 Colin Firth in "The King's Speech”

I think he deserves it, but James Franco in 127 Hours was way more original.

Supporting Actor
: Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech”

Leading Actress: 
Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"
She was amazing. I was stunned. All the other women were incredible great this year, too.

Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld in "True Grit"
I wonder why she only gets nominated for supporting role. She was not only the main character in the film in my opinion, but also the pulling factor. I guess she wouldn't stand a chance for the Leading Role Oscar, though.

Animated Feature Film: 
"Toy Story 3"
Art Direction: 
"Alice in Wonderland"
Cinematography: "The Social Network"
Costume Design
: "Alice in Wonderland"

: “True Grit
It's probably gonna go to The King's Speech, but I don't see it as the winner. I guess I would like it to go to The Social Network.

This is random, because I haven't seen any documentaries, which is a shame.
Documentary (Feature) "Inside Job"
Documentary (Short Subject) “The Warriors of Qiugang"

Film Editing
: “Black Swan"
Foreign Language Film
: “Biutiful"

"The Wolfman”
Original Score “Inception
Original Song "Tangled
My absolute favourite. I so hope it gets an Oscar.

Animated Short Film: 
"Day and Night"

Live Action Short Film: 
"The Crush”
Sound Editing
: "Inception"
Sound Mixing: 
Visual Effects
: "Alice in Wonderland"
Just to say something different. Probably goes to Inception.
Adapted Screenplay “Winter's Bone" - Great film.
Original Screenplay "The Kids are Alright"
That's more of a hope. I guess it goes to King's Speech again.

Last thing to say: I'm very bad with predictions.


  1. Jeffrey Beesler said...
    Excellent predictions. And if you're buried under all that human reality, the best way to get fit might be to write a little human fantasy. I'm just saying. :-)
    DEZMOND said...
    the only categories I'd agree with you is KING'S SPEECH as best film and TANGLED as best song :)
    I'm not watching this year, I didn't like the movie year and I don't like the nominees in most categories.
    I hope this year will bring us much better, non-violent, quality dramas and profound, instead of overly promoted, performances.
    Talha said...
    Great predictions :)
    Asma said...
    Nice predictions. Lets see who actually win :-)
    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...
    I like your picks! I guess just because Hailee isn't a name actress and wasn't in the top billing that she couldn't land Best Actress. She did carry the film though.
    Still hoping Inception has a good night.
    Nahno McLein said...
    Jeffrey: your tip is the best. I'll have to do some editing, though. Later I'll read fantasy, that should do.

    Talha, Asma and Alex: Thanks, hope I'm not too far off.

    DEZMOND: Well, at least we have two categories. I'm actually quite happy with this year's nominees. I think I won't be as happy with the winners again, but at least some really great films made it to the Oscars.
    I do agree with your hope for this year, though. Less violence ridden drama could be nice. Although The King's Speech goes into your direction, if we exclude the large promotion for it.
    Austin James said...
    I pretty much agree with your predictions... I think the King's Speech will win, but my personal favourite was Inception. And Natalie Portman deserves to win leading actress... she was awesome.
    Susan Gourley/Kelley said...
    I've seem almost no movies this year. I did see Toy Story 3. I'll have to check out the winners and losers on demand.
    Nahno McLein said...
    Well so this is it.
    At least I got 11 out of all these, so that's actually not to bad (remember I said under one prediction that I was sure Inception would win and it did, so I count that one).

    The Social Network was the big winner I'd say, and so was Inception. A little disappointing was Black Swan, but Nathalie got it, so everything is fine.
    M Pax said...
    The only movie I've seen is Inception. Am interested in a few of the others. I usually wait for the dvds to come out.
    ali said...
    Looks like you did a pretty great job with your predictions!
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Nahno, first time visitor ... great picks. I missed them this year. Which is unusual but it was a crazy weekend. Have a great week.
    Ellie said...
    Interesting predictions, given that now know the results!
    The Red Angel said...
    I loved watching the Oscars! You made some pretty good predictions. I also wished Inception had gotten best Picture but I understand why The King's Speech got it in the end.

    By the way, thank you for following and commenting on my blog :)



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