The new technological diversity did not pass me by, so I will start this blog to inform everyone who is interested in the experiences and the work of a little writer, for I recognized a broad anticipation at hearing about news and my progress.
There will be regular updates of m
y creative achievements, as well as comments about the life in Britain and individual concerns that need to be stressed. Part of my course is to keep a daily journal, so I plan to include a few entries, giving a short glimpse at my thoughts.
This blog is supposed to present me as a writer and maybe even rouse interest of some similar minds. I would be pleased to receive elaborate comments, true to the bone, which enable me to enhance my skills. Every advice is highly appreciated, yes, also the devastating ones; it is after all a learning process.
Simultaneously, I am eager to answer any occurring questions or provide some background insight when desired.
My world is your world.


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